The T5E Podcast Team
by The T5E Podcast Team

Hey, there! We’re glad to announce that The Fifth Estate, (IIT Madras)’s podcast is officially coming.

It’s titled “Vox Populi Vox Insti”, which literally translates to the voice of the people is the voice of insti. Yes, we know how it sounds. We are going to be talking about everything insti. We intend to cover a wide range of topics, and offer a wide range of perspectives on the same.

For more on the rise of podcasting in recent years, read a profile on podcast in the T5E article on the same.

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If you’d like to use an RSS feed for the podcast, access it here. All the more, if you’d like to use an RSS feed for this website, access it here.

Hope you’re excited about what’s coming! I know we are.