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In this episode of Vox Populi Vox Insti, as part of a series entitled “V for Virtual”, we pilot a new segment, where we give a rundown of the marginally interesting news of the week. For our main story, we talk about how spaces in the institute are going virtual for the coming semester, and how they are adapting.

First, we speak to Vishnu Sanketh, Cultural Affairs Secretary (Literary Affairs), IIT Madras (2020-21) about the plans that the Saarang team has for the year. Next, we speak to Unnikrishnan, Events Core (2020-21) of Sangam, on how cultural clubs are adapting to this situation, and their plans to engage interested students.

This is the first in a series where we explore how insti space are adapting to the virtual mode. Part 2 will be out next week! Thanks for listening, do subscribe to us on the platform of your choice!

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Music from Sound effects (Swoosh and Phone Ring) from Timestamps:

00:35-04:16 - Composite Time News.

04:30-06:25 - Virtual Spaces at IITM.

06:35-15:57 - Vishnu Sanketh talks about Saarang 2021.

16:12-27:03: - Unni talks about the plans of Sangam 2020-21.

DISCLAIMER: The segment at the start of the episode entitled “Composite Time News” is intended to be humorous, and is not a reflection of real news. The T5E respects the diversity of people and ideas on campus and does not intend to offend any person and/or idea.

Stay cute, and stay safe. Batteries are not included.